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  1. Megs and I’s neighborhood just after it was incorporated as the Village of Brooklyn in 1816. 6 hours ago
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  3. Mark Rothko, “No. 3” (1953)
Via the Met’s Online Collection 2 days ago
  4. An Old Kind of Christianity in New York City

    "We must not respond with either withdrawal nor with assimilation to the spirit of the age."

    2 days ago
  5. Never gets old. 2 days ago
  6. livingrestlessly:

My own version of Sam Larson’s Black Bear
3 days ago
  7. Maja WroĊ„ska, “Good Morning New York” 4 days ago
  8. "'The trustees of an institution are those who have forgiven it.' I don't think he was referring to a board of trustees in the formal or legal sense, but to those who could truly be trusted to lead at all levels in the organization.
    …Institutions are fallen - they embody and perpetuate our human contradictions at their worst. For this reason, they need ‘trustees’: those who can be trusted to preserve and provide for what is best, most suited to image bearing, and to weed out what is worst, most implicated in idolatry and injustice.
    Yet these trustees will only be able to be truly trusted with this responsibility if they have both named the failings of the institution and forgiven it for failing others and for failing themselves." Andy Crouch, “Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power”
    5 days ago
  9. Margaret Bourke-White for LIFE Magazine - Midtown Manhattan, 1952 5 days ago
  10. Blue. Yellow. Red. #watercolor 5 days ago
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  13. "True shalom, comprehensive flourishing, mirrors the pattern of the Trinity itself, in which there is both unity and diversity. The choice between teeming and order, diversity and unity, is a false choice. True abundant life is found where ‘the one’ and ‘the many’ meet in ‘the three.’ Healthy institutions provide the ordered context in which surprise and diversity can flourish, but they also provide the diverse and varied environment that makes order healthy rather than repressive." Andy Crouch, “Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power” 6 days ago
  14. Fall is falling. 6 days ago
  15. Not my kind of commute. 1 week ago